warning signs of stroke - dizziness

What the victim might feel:

“I felt like someone had spun me around and told me to walk. I tried to hold on to the furniture but I fell and landed hard on my hip. I knew I had broken it right away, but my head kept spinning.”

What the observer might see:

“I was in my backyard when I heard her call out. I looked over into her patio and saw her lying on the ground moaning. She said her hip was broken but that there was something else going on. I grabbed the phone.”

What the Healthcare Professional might say:

“She was disoriented and her arms were shaking. She had a sensation of an irregular or whirling motion even while remaining motionless. There was an indication of vertigo.”

Not all individuals experience the same signs of stroke, or experience them in the same way. Stroke signs usually appear suddenly and without warning, and they may not last for a long time, so knowing the signs helps you recognize and react quickly. You may not be aware you are having a stroke unless you know these signs. Dizziness, vertigo, or sudden loss of balance is one of the five warning signs of stroke. On its own, dizziness can be an indicator, but when also accompanied by other signs including weakness, trouble speaking, vision problems, and/or headache, the likelihood of stroke is strong.

A stroke is a medical emergency. It deprives the brain of oxygen-carrying blood, which kills brain cells at an alarming rate. Every minute is critical. Learning to recognize the signs of stroke may save a life – it could be yours, or someone you love. Call 911 immediately. Medical attention can lead to better chances of survival and recovery.